John Michael Kohler Arts Center Arts/Industry Pottery Technician

Hundreds of artists have benefited from the celebrated Arts/Industry residency program since its beginning in 1974. Undoubtedly one of the most unusual ongoing collaborations between art and industry in the United States, it is conceived and administered by the John Michael Kohler Arts Center and hosted by Kohler Co.


The Pottery Technician’s primary responsibility is the facilitation of all technical and physical aspects of artists’ residencies. They directly support artists-in-residence through facility, process, and materials instruction. The Pottery Technician meets with artists-in-residence on a daily basis and guides the technical development of their progress in the studio. The Pottery Technician also engages in other Arts/Industry and John Michael Kohler Arts Center programming.


Facilitate the development of each artist’s project;, provide instruction as well as ongoing access to personnel, equipment, and materials; and help artists to push the established technologies.

Develop and maintain a good working relationship with factory personnel.

Maintain and supervise all work spaces and equipment to the standards of Kohler Co. as budget and time allow, making certain that the spaces and equipment are adequate and safe.

Administer artist orientation that relates to factory technologies, systems, policies, and personnel. Participate in the creation and maintenance of a written orientation. Introduce artists to factory personnel.

Serve as collective memory for the program, documenting technological breakthroughs, shortcuts, and innovations that past artists-in-residence and industrial personnel have developed; create material samples for studio use.

Supervise all interns involved in the Arts/Industry program.

Relay educational and other Arts Center information to artists such as educational outreach appointments, Arts Center events, etc.

Give the Arts/Industry Program Manager adequate and timely information so that he or she may schedule photographic sessions. Supervise and facilitate all photographic sessions.

Oversee artists with the packing and shipping of their work according to Kohler Co. guidelines.

Facilitate with the documentation, packing/crating, and proper storage of deeded gifts for Kohler Co. and the Arts Center.

Assist, as needed, the Arts Center’s curatorial/registrar staff in installation, de-installation, crating, or shipping of Arts/Industry exhibitions at the Arts Center or for touring exhibitions. 

Work cooperatively with the Arts/Industry Foundry Technician to accomplish these responsibilities, assisting in the other studio on an as-needed basis. Be familiar with the materials and processes in both studios.

A Bachelor’s degree is required with an emphasis in ceramics or sculpture, 2–3 years experience with technical requirements, facilities management abilities including equipment maintenance and repair, excellent communication and organizational skills.

Technical requirements include slip-casting, model-making and mold-making skills. Experience with plaster, clay, and glaze technology and formulation, and firing procedures is essential. 

The Arts Center offers an energizing and unique environment, competitive pay, and a complete benefit program. Submit cover letter, resume, and references, to:

John Michael Kohler Arts Center
Human Resources Manager
608 New York Avenue,
Sheboygan, WI 53081
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